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Welcome to Promak Text

Language is our most important way of communicating. When translating a text, this makes choosing just the right words to explain your ideas very important. Naturally, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation are also a top priority.
We can help you proofread your Swedish text and with translations from English and Danish into Swedish – everything from short press releases to long technical manuals. We’re happy to help you with all your language service needs, both large and small.

Reach a Larger Audience – Increase Your Sales

Although most Swedes understand English, many still hesitate to buy a product or service if the packaging, product sheet, marketing text, or manual isn’t written in Swedish. More than that, in many cases, consumers in Sweden have the right to ask for an instruction manual written in Swedish. Unlike poor-quality translations or machine translations, having your documents translated by a professional will give new customers the kind of confidence in your company and product/service that encourages them to buy.

We Deliver on Time

Promak Text will always deliver your documents on time. We have 13 years’ experience as professional translators and so have a good understanding of how fast your text will be ready.

Top Quality

Promak Text uses only modern translation tools to make sure that your texts are consistent. By that we mean ensuring that important terms and expressions are always translated the same way all through your text.
Naturally, we also carefully proofread all our translations. Lastly, before delivering to you, we perform one final quality review, including a spelling check and a verification that all tags are included and in the right place. Our thorough approach to quality control ensures you get a first-class translation every time.

A Translation Partner You Can Trust – 13 Years of Professional Experience

Mikael Adolfsson, full member of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ)

“Mikael Adolfsson has worked for our company…since November 2011…and has always provided…high-quality translations. We are very satisfied with the quality of his services, especially considering that we quite often ask him to make extremely tight delivery deadlines, as requested by our Far East customers.”

Giuseppe Bianchini - PRISMA Quality Manager, Italy