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We help clients like you translate their texts from English and Danish into Swedish. Our speciality is translating technical texts, although many years working in the industry and millions of translated words later, we’re experienced in a wide range of fields and styles. Why not send us your document? We’ll take a look at it and let you know if we can help you right away.

Language Services

Are you looking for an independent proofreader to review your translated document? We can help. We can also suggest changes to your Swedish text that will make it easier to read as well as check and correct machine translations.


We can also help you proofread your Swedish text to correct common errors, such as simple grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and punctuation problems.


First Time Ordering a Translation?


Helpful Advice from Promak Text
"Translation projects involve cooperation between your translator and you, our client. Please remember that even experts in a certain language or field cannot know everything. While translators often specialise in certain types of text, they cannot always know exactly which terms and expressions a particular company prefers. For this reason, you and your translator may need to cooperate and work some things out together. “It’s a good idea to view your first one or two translation projects working with a new translator as an investment in a rewarding future partnership.” (Translation of a quote taken from the Swedish Association of Professional Translators’ (SFÖ) brochure Goda råd till köpare av översättningar, only available in Swedish.) You will find a lot of helpful advice on purchasing translation services in that brochure.

You can also visit our FAQ page for more answers to common questions.

Before Placing Your Order

  • Place your order well in advance of your deadline whenever possible. Translation is both a science and an art and it takes time to craft the kind of top-quality text you expect.
  • Do you have a list of special words or terms that you would like us to use in your translation? Send them to us in an ordinary Excel file together with the text for translation and we’ll do the rest. Not possible? The next best thing is to send us reference materials, such as similar previous translations. It’s best to provide both the document in the original language and the translation, if you can.
  • Need a certain style? If it’s important that your translation uses very simple language, or maintains the same formal style as the original, please make sure to let us know when you place your order. Who is your audience – technicians, specialists, or consumers? We can tailor your text to suit just the right audience if we know who it’s written for.